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There are several different types of batteries that we rely on for different reasons and applications. There are watch batteries, solar batteries, rechargeable batteries, disposable batteries, etc. The type of battery you use does make a significant difference.

Lithium-based batteries are a fairly new type of batteries. The lithium-based battery is a highly recommended battery when it comes to providing power for high-drain and high-tech devices. When using a lithium-based battery, it can provide high performance for devices that we rely on a daily basis.

Here are some advantages to lithium-based batteries:

  • Higher energy density
  • Self-discharge is less than half of nickel-based batteries
  • No periodic discharge is needed
  • No memory effect to the battery
  • Certain cells provide high current

30594 30595 Lithium AA AAA group sm

Lithium primary (one-time use) batteries can have a storage life of up to 10 years. This battery is also 30% lighter weight than alkaline batteries.

18650 cells group copy

Lithium-ion (rechargeable) batteries stand apart from other batteries because of their longevity and ability to outlast the competitors. Lithium-ion batteries are popular and are found in many electronic devices and also in hybrid cars.

The silicon anode and the sulfur cathode so far have been the most cost effective way to continue producing lithium-based batteries.


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