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Top 5 Emergency Devices That Should Have Spare Batteries

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Emergencies happen anywhere at any time without warning. Examples are a bad storm that leaves you without power and water, a car accident, or any other number of emergency situations. The power outage or emergency might be extended for long periods of time, so it’s important that you have emergency devices on hand and ready to use.

Here are the top five emergency devices that should always have spare batteries:

#1: Cell Phones
When in an emergency, cell phones are your connection to others for help; whether a call to the police, fire department, or family. New and latest technology of powerbanks, or external phone battery chargers, can be great spares for emergencies.


#2: Flashlight
Be certain to have plenty of spare batteries for flashlights on hand so they can be used frequently throughout the night. Keep your spare batteries together with your flashlight. You may want to tape them to the flashlight for easy access.


#3 Radio:
In emergencies, have a battery-operated radio handy so you can find out the latest details & news. One way to make sure the extra batteries are easy to find is to place them in a small baggie and tape it to the back of the radio.

#4 Fans:
During power outages during the heat of the summer, you are at the mercy of the power company to get it going again. Keeping battery-operated fans handy with a supply of extra batteries can help you stay comfortable while you wait for power.

#5 Generators:
Generators are very handy during long power outages to run big and small appliances. Store an extra battery charged and ready to fire up your generator in case of hurricanes, tornadoes, or storms that knock your power out.


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