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What are Auto DC to AC Inverters?

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Have you ever questioned how you can plug your phone charger in your car, van, truck, boat, or camper? How about any of your electrical items or devices? How does a moving vehicle have electrical outlets? The Answer: It’s all because of an Auto DC to AC Inverter.

Sure, you can utilize a cord that will plug into the vehicles lighter port. But what if that’s not enough? With an inverter for example, you can watch TV and use a DVD player. You can even use a gaming system. An inverter will even allow you to cook.

Power inverters convert direct current (DC), into alternating current (AC). Direct current comes from your vehicle battery. Alternating current is the kind of power supplied to your house as well as to power bigger electronics needed to function.

Determining what kind of power inverter you need isn’t hard. For example, most cars and motor homes have a 12-volt battery that they draw their power source from. A heavy-duty 24-volt battery is sometimes used as well. You need to know what your vehicle’s voltage is. The voltage rating of any inverter you choose should match the voltage of the battery you’re utilizing.

Why is it called a direct current? It’s because it only travels in one direction. A continuous current flows from the negative terminal on your battery, making a complete circuit and then right back to the positive end.

How do you install an inverter? Well, there are two ways to do this. One way is to plug it into your car or vehicle’s lighter port. This is the case for most of the small wattage inverters. It’s meant to be very portable and convenient. If you’re looking for a more lasting solution, the larger wattage inverters have clips that you can clip onto your battery terminals. Granted, this can still be removed. There are some that have wires that can be linked permanently to your battery terminals.

The wattage isn’t the only thing you need to concern yourself with. The size can also be an issue. The smaller the inverter the less the wattage. There are some inverters that can weigh upward to 30lbs. Determining what size you need may depends on the room you have for it.

Now even when you are on the go, you can have the luxuries as if you were at home. From hair dryers to curling irons, phone chargers and fans the possibilities are endless.


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