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New Tenergy Bluetooth Beanies

People love Bluetooth beanies because they sync the convenience of wireless sound with the functionality of a beanie.  Taking an autumn walk set to your favorite sound track, listening to a podcast while waiting for the bus stop, or playing a calming song while stretching, with the help of Bluetooth Technology, all of that  just became wireless.

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When Tenergy decided to stock Bluetooth fashion accessories, they went big. Like, 23 unique styles big. Mom wants to use one while running? Bluetooth headband. Little sister wants to listen to One Direction, but no one else wants to hear that? Pink pompom Bluetooth beanie. Son wants to listen to class notes while walking to school? Black Bluetooth Sports beanie.

Since the Beanie only has three buttons, the instructions are pretty straightforward. Press and hold to turn on, press to accept a call, press and hold to turn off. Even the most technologically challenged can figure that one out.

The inconveniences of earbud wires have always been apparent, but it becomes more so when the alternative is present. Even when listening to music at my desk, not having the wires get caught in my arm rest, or having to take them out every time I roll back to my filing cabinet is just plain easier. With a 30 foot range I can even get up to the printer without having to press stop. And while I was initially afraid of noise bleed, the sound doesn’t spill any more than traditional earphones.

Though small, the speakers are surprisingly loud, I usually keep the volume well below half when listening comfortably, but it’s nice to have the option to go over the top. The clarity is a bit shocking as well, they produce a similar quality of surround sound. When listening to Spotify, the adds can eerily sound almost like they are coming from inside your own head.

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One thing most people, myself included, overlook about them initially, is that just like the Bluetooth headsets, they are able to accept incoming phone calls. The beanie will automatically pause your music when you get a phone call, and you can switch over by pressing the main function button. There’s a tiny microphone built in the speaker that allows for hands free talk, which is something that earbuds simply can’t keep up with.

Want one for yourself? Use code BLOG235 for 40% off sticker price.  And you can check out all 23 beanie and headbands by clicking here.



-Bluetooth version 3.0+ EDR

-Built in microphone for phone calls

-Rechargeable Lithium Battery with USB connector for convenient charging

-Removable hardware for easy cleaning

-Up to 6 hour talk time

-Up to 60 hours stand by time


How to use your beanie:

1) Hold the play (center) button until it flashes red/blue.

2) Turn on your Bluetooth device and pair. Your beanie will come up as Tenergy Bluetooth Beanie

3) If a password is request, use 0000

4) Play your music and enjoy.

5) To accept a call, push the center button to accept and your music will automatically be paused.