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Top 5 Emergency Devices That Should Have Spare Batteries

Emergencies happen anywhere at any time without warning. Examples are a bad storm that leaves you without power and water, a car accident, or any other number of emergency situations. The power outage or emergency might be extended for long periods of time, so it’s important that you have emergency devices on hand and ready to use.

Here are the top five emergency devices that should always have spare batteries:

#1: Cell Phones
When in an emergency, cell phones are your connection to others for help; whether a call to the police, fire department, or family. New and latest technology of powerbanks, or external phone battery chargers, can be great spares for emergencies.


#2: Flashlight
Be certain to have plenty of spare batteries for flashlights on hand so they can be used frequently throughout the night. Keep your spare batteries together with your flashlight. You may want to tape them to the flashlight for easy access.


#3 Radio:
In emergencies, have a battery-operated radio handy so you can find out the latest details & news. One way to make sure the extra batteries are easy to find is to place them in a small baggie and tape it to the back of the radio.

#4 Fans:
During power outages during the heat of the summer, you are at the mercy of the power company to get it going again. Keeping battery-operated fans handy with a supply of extra batteries can help you stay comfortable while you wait for power.

#5 Generators:
Generators are very handy during long power outages to run big and small appliances. Store an extra battery charged and ready to fire up your generator in case of hurricanes, tornadoes, or storms that knock your power out.


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7 Quick Tips to Preserve Your Airsoft Battery

Airsoft can be a very fun activity to do with your friends. The excitement of playing with replica guns can definitely be an extremely thrilling experience for some people. However, the game can sometimes be a frustrating experience too. When some people play with their airsoft guns, they notice that the battery seems to die too quickly.

Airsoft with Lipo new

Here are a few quick tips that will keep your airsoft battery last longer:

Tip 1: Perhaps the most important tip that’s likely common sense to most people is that airsoft guns should NEVER be used without first being fully charged. It isn’t a wise decision at all, and it will obviously leave you with less time to enjoy your airsoft gun.

Tip 2:
In addition, if you feel the battery’s weakening in your airsoft gun after it has been fully charged, DO NOT continue to use it. Allow the gun to recharge before using it again.

Tip 3: To charge your airsoft gun, it’s best if you use a smart charger. If you cannot obtain a smart charger, resort to a standard electrical outlet timer. Smart chargers are ideal, as they’ll give your battery the greatest amount of charge possible. Also, they keep your battery in excellent condition.


Tip 4: When you’re charging your airsoft battery, DO NOT charge it over the recommended charge time. The recommended charging time is dependent upon the type of battery that you have.

Tip 5: In addition, DO NOT plug the converter anywhere other than directly to a wall outlet. If you use an extension cord or power strip, you’ll increase the charge time and you’ll risk damaging the battery. Power strips should also be avoided, as a power surge can occur with too many devices plugged in at once.

Tip 6: It’s of the greatest importance that airsoft batteries should NEVER be left unattended when they’re charging. If you do this, you could greatly damage the battery permanently. Periodically feel the battery to test if it’s fully charged. A warm battery indicates a fully charged airsoft battery, while a lukewarm battery indicates an airsoft battery is still in the charging process. A hot battery is one that’s likely permanently damaged. Thus, this indicates the significance of never allowing an airsoft battery to charge past it’s charging time.

Tip 7: Finally, an airsoft battery should NEVER be left in the gun after you have finished using it. This causes power to be lost and could potentially leak if left for an extended period of time. Therefore, it is always wise to take the battery out of the gun after use.


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